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An introduction to Petitions

A petition is basically a request for action. The right to petition Federal Parliament has been one of the rights of citizens since federation, and it is the only way an individual can directly place grievances before the Parliament. Petitions may be received by the House on public or individual grievances provided that they relate to matters on which the House has the power to act. Hundreds of petitions are received by the House every year on a variety of matters.

The House of Representatives has a Standing Committee on Petitions which receives and processes petitions on behalf of the House. The Petitions Committee is able to inquire into and report on matters relating to petitions following their tabling in the House, and the petitioning system in general.

Read previous petitions

You can read petitions previously presented to the House, along with responses from Ministers, here.

Preparing a petition

Care must be taken in the preparation of petitions as the House has rules about their form and content. Before preparing a petition, we encourage you to read the relevant Infosheet, to consult the petitions checklist below and to use the sample petition (PDF - 204 kb) provided to assist you in drafting your petition.

The Petitions Committee also encourages petitioners to submit their draft petition to the Committee Secretariat to check that the petition conforms with Standing Orders before you begin to collect signatures.

Please note that while the Committee has recommended the introduction of an electronic petitioning system, such a system is not yet available.

Petitions checklist and sample petition

Please be aware that a petition must:

Petitioners are encouraged to:

The Secretariat can be contacted at:

Standing Committee on Petitions
PO Box 6021
House of Representatives
Parliament House

Phone: 61 2 6277 2152
Fax: 61 2 6277 4627

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